Key People

Meet the Team behind KCLID

Erin Gunanto

Events Team

This society gives me the chance to be proactive about the content taught in lectures and seminars. It allows me to further explore issues regarding development, alongside other keen individuals!

Mihai Marica

Head of Marketing

KCLID gives me hope for a better and safer future. Being part of this group of brilliant students gives me all the incentives to challenge global issues such as global warming, inequality, or racism.

Chloe Thibault

Events Team

KCLID is a way to raise awareness on current important subjects. As a member of the event team, I have the opportunity to invite speakers to enlighten a young community of thinkers and organize activities to get everyone involved.

Mohamed Ibrahim

Marketing Team

Development refers to the natural progression of a people, economy or region from one stage to the next. This should provide a material benefit to individuals and society at large.

Miren Gil-Vernet

Publishing Team

Developing is about bringing up a new perspective to the world we live in and cooperate towards it. At KCLID, I aim to learn from different views and bring possible solutions to today's injustices.

Evgeny Dunaev


Development is a cuisine with many recipes - there is no one way to prosperity. I am part of KCLID because I believe in the power of students to collectively make a positive change.

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Aaron Kearney-Keaveny

Head of Publishing

The society offers me a space to discuss issues regarding international development with people of varying perspectives. I prioritise pursuing sustainability, alleviation of poverty, and enhancing human capabilities universally.


Constance Lorchel


International development explained is the study of humanity’s future, a subject dear to my heart. With KCLIDSoc, I want to help current societal, political and environmental issues gain exposure and contribute to finding innovative solutions.


Kipyo Do

Events Team

KCLID Society aim to create a community where individuals can discuss the issues of developing countries and path of development.


Karan Sharma

Publishing Team

International Development is the process of bettering the lives of those who do not have the freedom to be able to impose change on their own.
ID is important as more people should understand and be able to debate the very nature of how we grow as a global society.


Emir Ersahin

Publishing Team

International Development focuses on improving the living conditions in countries, where big margin of the population is living in poverty. My interest for international development comes from my want to help these people and improve their living standards.


Nick Crane


I feel it is important to facilitate discussion and raise awareness on the important issues of international development. KCLID will create a community of like minded individuals in which this can happen.


Moritz Goerges

Marketing Team

This society has the potential to spark educated discussions on the complexities and challenges facing development initiatives and hopefully can eventually foster solutions to some of these.


Nick Gontarev

Events Team

Development is about technocratic and sustainable approach towards the expansion of economic capacities, without compromising the freedoms and opportunities of citizens. KCLID is the best platform for everyone to raise awareness of such issues and pursue the goal of global development.


Elissa Sebaaly


Studying and working in International Development allows us to improve local and global issues, such as poverty and environmental crises. My passion to make a difference in this world is driven by the sense of social responsibility to contribute in community development.


Marina Dolz Pejenaute

Publishing Team

Development studies is about challenging stereotypes, opening minds and cooperation. At KCLID, I aim to learn from others and get a deeper knowledge of development and possible solutions to worldwide issues.